Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dirty Dozen List for 2010

While shopping for produce, have you ever wondered which veges and fruits are most pesticide laden, and therefore making it more essential to pick the organic version? This great "Dirty Dozen" list, published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) outs the most chemically laden produce.

The EWG's research shows that people who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the Dirty Dozen list consume an average of 10 pesticides a day. Yum.

If you’re familiar with the old list, you’ll notice a few changes in the latest iteration. Celery, which formerly was the fourth filthiest produce pick, is now top of the heap. Pears and lettuce dropped off the Dirty Dozen list this year (though they’re still not the cleanest). And blueberries and kale got the honor of joining the list this round—blueberries rank fifth for pesticide residue and kale ranks ninth.

Dirty Dozen

1. Celery
2. Peaches
3. Strawberries
4. Apples
5. Blueberries
6. Nectarines
7. Bell peppers
8. Spinach
9. Kale
10. Cherries
11. Potatoes
12. Grapes (imported)

Note: Due to the fact that pesticides are stored in fat, non organic meat and butter contain high levels of pesticides.

The Clean 15
Low pesticide residue foods that are not organic; eating these foods can reduce exposure to pesticides by 90% by exposing you to only 2 pesticides per day.

Sweet corn (although often genetically modified)
Sweet peas
Sweet potatoes
Honeydew melons

Eat Well and Shop Wisely!!!

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