Thursday, June 3, 2010

Licensure at Stake in New York! Please contact legislators to let them know you don't want the bill to be held up!

Two Things You Can Do To Help:

1. We need you, and everyone you know in NY, to CALL Committee Members TODAY and tell them to "Vote Against The Hold, Vote For The Bill, A1370." See list of phone numbers below. Call as many as you can.

2. Click the link below RIGHT NOW and enter your New York address at the bottom of the letter to automatically send an email to your assembly members. Repeat for second address in NY.

New York Assembly Higher Education Committee Members
Non-Sponsors: They really need to hear from you!

· Inez D. Barron 518-455-5912
· Michael J. Fitzpatrick 518-455-5021
· Ellen Jaffee 518-455-5118
· Charles D. Lavine 518-455-5456
· William Magee 518-455-4807
· Joel M. Miller 518-455-5725
· Joseph D. Morelle 518-455-5373
· Audrey I. Pheffer 518-455-4292
· Mike Spano 518-455-3662
· Lou Tobacco 518-455-4495

Sponsors: Let them know how much you appreciate their vote against the "hold" and for the bill.

· Tom Alfano 518-455-4627 Sponsor
· Marc W. Butler 518-455-5393 Multisponsor
· Kevin A. Cahill 518-455-4436 Sponsor
· Michael Cusick 518-455-5526 Multisponsor
· Steve Englebright 518-455-4804 Sponsor
· Barbara Lifton 518-455-5444 Multisponsor
· Donna A. Lupardo 518-455-5431 Multisponsor
· Amy Paulin 518-455-5585 Multisponsor
· Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes 518-455-5005 Multisponsor
· Jack Quinn 518-455-4462 Multisponsor
· Al Stirpe 518-455-4505 Multisponsor
· James D. Conte 518-455-5732 Sponsor
· Nelson L. Castro 518-455-5511 Sponsor
· Richard N. Gottfried 518-455-4941

Thank you for your support! This will ultimately make Naturopathic medicine more affordable for everyone!

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