Monday, July 11, 2011

Balance Blood Sugar with Cinnamon

In 2003, a small clinical trial found that an extract equivalent to 1 g of cinnamon powder significantly reduced glucose level, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In June 2006, the European Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study involving 79 patients with diagnosed diabetes type 2, who took either a placebo or an extract equivalent to 1 g cinnamon powder three times daily for four months. The group taking cinnamon experienced a 10% reduction in fasting glucose levels, whereas the glucose levels of those in the placebo group changed only by 3%. The researchers found that diabetics with higher fasting glucose levels had greater benefit from using the herb.

It is thought that the naturally occurring polyphenols in cinnamon are responsible for moderating glucose levels. Not surprisingly, the cinnamon extract did not cause any side effects.

These studies indicate that adding cinnamon may be beneficial in reducing the risk factors associated with diabetes. It may also suggest that cinnamon may benefit the non-diabetic population by preventing and controlling elevated glucose and blood lipid concentrations.

You can add more cinnamon spice to your diet (as long as it isn’t associated with pastries!) but it may be difficult to reach the one gram dosage on a daily basis. I recommend taking a cinnamon extract supplement, such as New Chapters Cinnamonforce to ensure healthy blood sugar levels. Take the supplement twice a day to keep blood sugar steady.

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